CEOs Are Biggest Perpetrators of Shadow IT

About 63% of CEOs say that losing corporate data would destroy their business. But, awareness of the risk is doing little to change adherence to proper security practices.

Despite the known risks facing organizations today, such as data breaches, business decision makers (BDMs) and CEOs are putting critical data at jeopardy. According to Code42’s CTRL-Z study, three quarters (75%) of CEOs and more than half (52%) of BDMs admit that they use applications/programs that are not approved by their IT department.

This is despite 91% of CEOs and 83% of BDMs acknowledging that their behaviors could be considered a security risk to their organization.

The report also uncovers that reputation is at risk due to a heightened focus on productivity over data security—and there is added pressure on ITDMs to help the enterprise rapidly recover from a breach, if it hopes to minimize a hit to reputation and ensure customer loyalty.

Digging deeper, the vast majority (80%) of CEOs and 65% of BDMs say they use unauthorized applications/programs to ensure productivity. However, half of ITDMs (50%) say that their ability to protect corporate and customer data is vital to their company’s brand and reputation—a sentiment that is shared by 50% of CEOs and 61% of CIOs.

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