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Why It’s Difficult to Make the Cloud Secure

Cloud services have become so prevalent you’d think security is a reasonable expectation. However, a secure cloud is easier said than done. Many IT professionals, across various countries, are finding that keeping data and applications safe in remote places is challenging. That’s not because the cloud is insecure. Almost half of professionals in an Intel cloud security report said lacking cybersecurity skills swayed them from cloud adoption. Shadow IT and other factors, according to those in the field, are also making it tough to completely secure the cloud.

A lack of cybersecurity skills can impact cloud security. But it’s not only about not understanding encryption, authentication, and proper management of data stores. It is often unclear who owns encryption/decryption keys – sometimes it’s the vendor, other times it is the customer (which it should be). Therefore, read the fine print on the Service Level Agreement. It can tell you a lot before you even sign on the dotted line.

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