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Penetration Testing Checklist (iPhone, Android)

Penetration Testing With iPhone

1.Try to jailbreak the iPhone by using tools such as RedSn0w , PwnageTool , Pangu etc.

2.Try to Exploit the Vulnerabilities in iPhone using Metasploit tool .

3. Try to Unlock the iPhone using tools such as iphonesimfree and anySIM.

4.Try to send Malicious Payload to the victims iPhone and check whether you can take over the control the victims phone.

5.Perform Man-in-the-Middle attack by intercepting the Wireless parameter  of iPhone on wireless network.

6.Check the social engineering Attack method and try to send the malicious link and SMS tricks which contains Malicious web page.

7.setup the access point with same name and same encryption type.

Penetration Testing With Android Phone

1.Perform the jailbreak/Root the Android phone and try to get admin level Privilege  by using tools such as Superoneclick, superboot etc.

2. use the tool called  Woodpacker to Detect Capability leaks in android Devices.

3. Check whether email password stored in Plain text in SQLite Database.

4.Check whether Cross application scripting error in Android Browser which leads to hack the android devices by hackers .

5.check whether android Skype uses unencrypted SQLite Database to store the contacts and chat messages logs.

6. Use the tool called ComDroid to detect the application communication vulnerabilities.

7.Try to exploit android intents to gain the users private information.