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Announcing KeyChain.NET: A Unified API for Using KeyChain on Many Platforms

The latest version of KeyChain.Net (0.0.4) now available and it supports Windows Phone, thanks to the contribution of Marco.

Storing and accessing private keys and passwords can be a tricky task. How far do you need to go to protect your (and the user’s) data? This is where KeyChain on iOS comes in handy. It allows you to store keys in an (arguably) secure database. This has seen great improvements since iOS 8 and iOS devices (since iPhone 5S) equipped with a special A7 chip designed particularly for holding your keys. More on iOS KeyChain can be found on Apple’s website here. Android, on the other side has its KeyStore, which also gives you some level of protection, but leaves a major part of the implementation to your (the developer). Details of Android KeyStore can be found on Android SDK here.

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