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Capture the Prize

Risk is the effect of uncertainty on objectives.  Managing risk well increases the certainty that objectives will be achieved.  Not surprisingly, organizations leading in risk management “capture the prize”.  According to a PWC Risk Review, organizations more frequently achieve their objectives, are more profitable and less likely to experience a negative profit margin than those organizations that don’t manage risk well.  In fact, PWC found that 41% of risk leaders achieved an average annual three year profit margin of more than 10%, with no risk leader organizations experiencing a net loss. In comparison, only 31% of organizations not considered risk leaders, experienced average annual three year profit margins in excess of 10% with 7% of organizations experiencing net losses Pretty compelling data.  One would think that every organization would be chasing this certain prize.  Yet, there are still a lot of organizations that think a basic risk management program is too difficult and time consuming.  With this in mind, earlier this year we announced the RSA Archer® Ignition Program – a fast track approach for launching the foundational elements of a business risk management strategy to help your organization get its program up and running as quickly and easily as possible.

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