UBER HAS BEEN HACKED, boasts hacker – how to stop it happening to you

By all accounts, and sadly there are many of them, a hacker – in the break-and-enter-your-network-illegally sense, not in a solve-super-hard-coding-problems-in-a-funky-way sense – has broken into ride-sharing company Uber. According to a report from the BBC, the hacker is said to be just 18 years old, and seems to have pulled off the attack for the same sort of reason that famously drove British mountain climber George Mallory to keep trying (and ultimately dying in the attempt) to summit Mount Everest in the 1920s… …“because it’s there.” Uber, understandably, hasn’t said much more so far [2022-09-16T15:45Z] than to announce on Twitter:

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