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How to hack a Sysadmin – jump the IT support queue every time!

Today is 2017-07-28, and it’s #SysAdminDay.
Why not stop by IT for a cheery chat?
Here’s how to hold your own if you do…

First, don’t be afraid.

It’s easy to be daunted, but sysdamins are more like the rest of us than we sometimes realise.

After all, anyone over 18 can lawfully get a tattoo, although yours probably won’t be written in hexadecimal; death metal is pretty much mainstream in 2017, so it’s not exactly anarchic or reactionary any more; and cammo trousers are practically formal wear these days.

Second, sysadmins are so smart that they don’t actually know how smart they are.

Third, all sysadmins are weakened by one irremediable prejudice: they think that there is one, and only one, valid programming language for all system administration tasks.

All you have to do is find out which language it is, somehow let it slip that you feel the same way, and you’re golden – you’ll have plenty to talk about (by which we mean you’ll have plenty to listen to), and you’ll never have to configure your own wireless router ever again!

We’ve published a handy guide to help you fathom some of the top sysadmin languages, and match them to the victims sysadmins whom you want to hack influence inside your organisation.

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