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Applying Our Research To Black Hat 2017

I summarized RSA 2017 in the following way: It’s a bit like the supermarket, you’ll make far healthier choices if you stick to the outer aisles. Well, Las Vegas B-Sides, Black Hat, and DefCon are taking place this week and since these events differ in tone, audience, and participants, I’ve updated my advice:

  1. We’ve gone from back office to center stage in a relatively short time frame. As you prep for great talks, reunions with colleagues, and a chance to learn a ton about various topics in our industry, remember how fortunate we are that the industry has become critical to digital business in the 21st century. It’s easy for S&R pros to default to snark – heck, it is what most of us are best at – but our industry is right in the middle of a remarkable journey!

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