Apple Warned Over Evil Wi-Fi Attack That Installs Malware On An iPhone

Apple’s security team is having a busy week thanks to Wi-Fi issues. First, it patched the scary KRACK vulnerability revealed in October to have exposed Wi-Fi encryption. And now researchers from Tencent’s Keen Lab have just shown off a hack that took advantage of four bugs to run malware on an iPhone 7 running the latest operating system, iOS 11.1, again via Wi-Fi.

The hack was a winner on Tuesday at the Mobile Pwn2Own hacking contest run by Trend Micro’s ZDI Initiative in Tokyo, where the researchers were handed $110,000 for their successful exploits. There’s not a wealth of information about the specific vulnerabilities exposed by Keen Lab, but a spokesperson from Trend Micro told Forbes: “The phone connects to a Wi-Fi network and a malicious app is installed. Sensitive information can be exfiltrated from the targeted device.”

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